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Tortuga ToursTravelling in Ecuador

The lodge is an opening within the rainforest; an elegant example of contemporary architecture nested at the heart of an exuberant nature.

Our four luxury bungalows with their sumptuous bathrooms will offer a unique chance to fully live this Amazonian experience in this intimate and exclusive lodge. Every night, the sounds of the jungle will accompany your dreams for a perfect night.

Each bungalow is a tribute to the mysterious cultures of various Amazonian ethnic groups, a harmonious alliance between tradition and modern design. The French owners will welcome you in this hidden retreat and make sure that your stay will be the highlight of your trip.


River Rafting in the rainforest is one of our most entertaining activities at Hamadryade Lodge. Rivers in Ecuador are spectacular, with breathtaking sceneries, the best nature has to offer, but for the people who wish to go a step further, even beginners, people who want an additionnal adrenaline rush, why not trying kayaking.

Our profesionnal team will be there to instruct you, teach you the basics you need to tackle your first waves and discover sensations never before experienced.

Beginners usually start on a class II river like the Anzu, but rivers up to  class IV+ are there for more experienced paddlers.


Butterflies Garden
Our butterflies farm is one of the largest in Ecuador, but contrary to most, we do not sell our pupas in Europe or in the US. The purpose of the farm is to repopulate, and increase the number of up to 20 species of butterflies in nature.

It is also a community eco-project ; Mauricio a Kichwa young man from a nearby community is the one fully responsible for the butterflies. He has great knowledge that allows him to care for each one of them from the egg to a full grown beautiful butterfly.

The main goal being the repopulation, he will free all the individuals from ons species every 4 generations in various places in nature before looking for new eggs of the same species in order to renex the genetic material.


Jatun Sacha Jungle Hike
Jatun sacha is the "big forest" in Kichwa language ; a large biological reserve that has benn under protection far many years. Large and small rivers slither through primary and secondary rainforest, still inhabited by many animal species, home to large flocks of birds.

The hike is approximatly 13kms long, and you'll need about 5-6 hours to complete it. It is not a very hard hike, but it is physical and will challenge your legs at the end of the day. You'll arrive at the Santa Barbara Kichwa community where you'll reach another track along the river or you'll find a dugout canoe to come down on the river Arajuno if available.

If it is not easy, it is because it is real jungle ; thick, muddy and sooo green. If you want the real amazonian experience it will have to be through Jatun Sacha.


Amazoonico Animal Reserve
Walk to the beach in Misahualli and board a long canoe and start a journey down river on the Napo towards the Amazoonico Animal Rescue center. A 45min canoe ride through one of the largest amazonian river enjoying breathtaking sceneries.

Then you'll arrive at the Amazoonico, on the Arajuno River, in the middle of the Selva Viva jungle reserve. The Amazoonico was set up to rescue and care for the Amazonian animals who escaped trafic or injuries. There you'll see monkeys roaming free, ocelots, boas, tapirs,... and many other animals. Enjoy the trip back to Misahualli and arrive for a late lunch in the village. This activity can easily be combined with the Shiripuno community for example.


Waorani Community
The Gareno Waorani communities is deep inside the Jungle and accessible only with a direct permit delivered by the Waorani themselves. It is a 1h30 drive to reach the entrance to the Waorani territory, surrounded by primary Rainforest and amazing wildlife.

Our indigenous guide will accompany you and you'll discover a rich and incredible culture, with a deep and meaningful bound to their environment. You'll see how to weave a travel basket to gather what you need in the jungle, how some plants are use in their everyday life or in their pharmacopea, if you're lucky the men will show you how they hunt,... well, a very interesting and enjoyable day, perfect to go a little outside the beaten tracks.


Kichwa Community
Shiripuno is a kichwa community close to Misahualli. A women's association will receive you in this part of the community to share with you their culture and their knowledge of the kichwa life in the amazon rainforest. From making chocolate, paning gold, see the traditionnal dances, to understanding the realities of the life of the kichwa people, you'll spend a lovely day filled with interesting and nice activities. You can spend a full day or just a half day there, enjoy a nice traditionnal lunch with the Maito, fish/chicken cooked in a large leaf with jungle spices. This activity can also be combined with another hald day one.


Day 1: arrival at the lodge: the first glance at the lodge, after climbing a road through the rainforest, will take your breath away. The view over the endless jungle and the rio napo will set the ambiance for your stay. We then welcome you for lunch at the lodge in our panoramic restaurant.

In the afternoon, relax in our ozone treated rain water swimming pool, or walk 800 meters to visit one of the largest butterfly gardens in ecuador. The butterfly garden is an ecoproject we built that aims at repopulating the area with an increasing number of butterflies over various species. The native apprentices that work there will be happy to show you how they care to these insects and help you understand every step of its incredible life. You also have the possibility of enjoying a soothing massage next to the fire in our outdoor typical massage room.

Every night of your stay, savor our chef’s fusion cuisine by the candle, with perhaps a bottle of his selected wine. Then sip a cocktail in the lounge or get some rest for tomorrow’s activity.


Last Day:Sleep in as long as you wish, then after a healthy breakfast and maybe a stop at our fair trade boutique for some souvenirs, get ready for departure. Check out time 10 am.


Jatun Sacha: Take a short ride with your experienced native guide to the entrance of the Jatun Sacha Chichicorumi reserve. Your guide will then take you on a 6 hours walk through the secondary and primary Rainforest and unravel all of its mysteries: medicinal plants, birds, wild animals, amazing insects, colorful frogs and reptiles. Walk through Santa Barbara, an indigenous community set back deep in the jungle. The trek includes a lunch sent with your guide and a canoe trip back to civilization.


Included in all programs:

  • Lunch on arrival
  • Lodging
  • All meals
  • Visit butterflies garden
  • Access to the swimming pool
  • Activities (Description see above):
  • For rafting, $35 extra will apply if not booked at the moment the package is booked


Not Included:

  • All beverages
  • Optional activities
  • Massages / spa
  • Transfers to/from lodge


Options at an extra cost:

  • Night walk: Right after diner, our guide will meet you at the Lodge and take you on a short walk in our Rainforest backyard. The jungle is always a little bit more lively at night.
  • Ceibo: Take a walk from the village of Misahualli to see the 6 centuries old three called Papa Pununo.
  • Chiripuno Community: Spend the afternoon in the company of these proud Quechuas from the indigenous community of Chiripuno, who will show you traditional dances, offer to have you participate in shamanistic rituals and taste local beverages.
  • Las Latas Falls: Follow a marked trail up the mountain to see one of the nicest wonders of the region. Don’t forget to bring your swimming suit!
  • Pano Laguna: a pristine water stream emerges from the deep jungle, on its way to the Jatun Yacu river. The natural pools, surrounded by waterfalls and trees growing on rocks, are the perfect place to indulge you to this unique natural experience.
  • Massage: You can indulge a perfect massage in our traditional hut built in the jungle. Our therapist will welcome you to offer you a perfect experience at the sound of the surrounding jungle. A shamanic ritual is also an ideal opportunity for spiritual cleaning before the massage.


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