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The coast of Ecuador is situated on the Pacific Ocean and consists of fertile land for agriculture. The area is located just a few meters above sea level and therefore the temperatures are high (up to 40 ° C). In this area you find the biggest city in the country: Guayaquil. The largest river flowing into the Pacific Ocean from South America, Guayas, has here its mouth.


Who says the coast of Ecuador is not interesting? Machalilla National Park and Isla de la Plata are the jewels of the Ecuadorian coast. Here live temporarily giants of the ocean, humpback whales! In the period June-September you will have a great opportunity for the coast of Machalilla to see humpback whales. They come from the Antarctic area and use the waters at Machalilla and Isla de la Plata to mate and to cast their young. Isla de la Plata is also mentioned as the little Galápagos Islands. Here you can find blue footed boobies, frigate birds and albatrosses. Machalilla National Park consists of tropical forests, cloud forest, desert coast and some islands. It is an area where you can find many birds and other wildlife.


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