Tortuga Tours Travelling in Ecuador
Tortuga ToursTravelling in Ecuador

Budget Class Boats

The budget class boats are the cheapest option to travel the Galapagos Islands in a cruise boat. The equipment is standard and the service is basic. Oviously the boats provide the required safty. It is a good option for people with a tight budget, who nevertheless don't want to miss the experience of cruise.


Tourist class boats

Tourist class boats on the Galapagos are one of the cheaper ways to experience the Galapagos Islands. Certainly the saftey is ensured, merely the service is more basic, they are not very modern, cabines and boats themselves are smaller and we recommend people with a tight budget to chose one of the tourist class boats we provide.


Tourist superior class boats

Tourist superior class boats on the Galapagos Islands are in the middle class range. That means they offer an average service to the clients, The majority of them are motor boats, which give space to 12-16 passengers. The cabins and the boats themselves are medium sized to offer a certain level of comfort (e.g. private bathrooms).


First class boats

First class boats offer generally a high standard in matters of accomodations, equipment of the boat as well as quality of food. Also if you might have problems with sea-sickness this category of boats is a good option for you, since they are most of the time quite stable in the water.


Luxury class boats

Our luxury class boats on the Galapagos provide you with best standard available. Excellent service, a lot of space as well in the cabines as on the boats themselves, generally a high level of comfort and a lot of extra amneties like gymnasiums, jacuzzi and delicious food single out these boats from others. Boats are very stable in the water and have the best naturalist guides of the whole archipelago.


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