Tortuga Tours Travelling in Ecuador
Tortuga ToursTravelling in Ecuador







Day 1:

• Pick up at Hotel Gran Colombia, Lago Agrio, at 9:00 am.

• Transfer to the entrance of the Cuyabeno Reserve for lunch.

• Registration and transfer passengers by canoe . (3 hours approx.)

• Arrive at Caiman Lodge around 4:00 pm . At that time they will be assigned their rooms and can relax for a few minutes.

• Visit “Laguna Grande” with the option of swimming in the lagoon and watch a beautiful sunset while having the chance to see pink dolphins and take pictures of sunset.

• Return to Lodge for dinner and then headed out for a night walk .



Day 2:

• Day walk in primary forest , where the guide will explain about the flora and fauna of the area .

• Lunch

• Piranha Fishing.

• Night Tour in motorized canoe to look for alligators.



Day 3:

• Travel downstream from Puerto Bolivar Community Siona

• Vist the Yuca plantation to harvest some with our help, show the preparation their traditional food , cassava ( cassava flat bread ) .

• Immediately after this, the guide will show you or one of the last 4 Shamans of the Siona tribu in Ecuador and one of them explained their worldview directly related to drink Ayahuasca , will take out a part of the ritual energy cleaning with their songs that come from an ancient oral tradition of shaman to apprentice.



Day 4 :

• In the morning, bird watching ( 5:30 am) and sunrise.

• Breakfast at the hotel at 8 am and return at 9:30 to the Cuyabeno bridge

• Lunch

• Transfer to Lago Agrio for you to return to Quito either by bus or plane.


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