Tortuga Tours Travelling in Ecuador
Tortuga ToursTravelling in Ecuador

Did you know that…?

  • Ecuador consists of 24 provinces divided in 4 regions?
  • Ecuador is one of the countries in South America, where there is the most poverty?
  • They have big shopping malls despite poverty?
  • Education is free and compulsory for children aged 6 to 14 years old?
  • Ecuador has 11 National Parks?
  • It is a habit to greet each other with a kiss on the cheek?
  • That guinea pig is a delicacy in Ecuador?
  • You do not flush toilet paper down the toilet but throw this in a bin?
  • In Ecuador you do not drink water from the tap but buy bottled water?
  • You must be prepared for all seasons on a holiday in Ecuador, autumn, winter, spring and summer!
  • Cotopaxi is the highest and most active volcano in the world?
  • On Sunday is cycling day in Quito and you can cycle from 8am to 2pm without bothering from cars?
  • You can stand in Ecuador with one leg in the southern part of the world and with one leg in the northern part of the world? Namely on the equator!
  • The women here in public breastfeeding, no matter where?
  • Mothers here no buggies or prams have but they carry their children in a cloth on their backs?
  • The market also in the bus arrives? When you sit in the bus, there come every two minutes people that sell all kind of stuff.
  • Without wrinkles you can roll the Panama hat and it comes from Ecuador and not from Panama?
  • With your birthday you get pushed into a cake with your head and get beaten with a belt by your friends?
  • In Ecuador you have short travel distances that in a few hours makes you feel you are in another world?
  • They eat popcorn at the soup?
  • Sometimes a chicken leg, potato or intestines of another animal are floating in the soup?
  • You can be president just like that in Ecuador? And they also can just throw you back?
  • The current president is Rafael Correa?
  • Ecuador has 25,000 species of plants and flowers while South America only counts 17,000 species?
  • Still every year they discover new species of plants and flowers in Ecuador?
  • The Galapagos Islands are paradise on earth?


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